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Joss Whedon’s Much Ado About Nothing was my favorite movie of 2013. I won’t claim that this was the best movie made in that year (Seeing as it wasn’t actually made in 2013 – zing), nor that it will necessarily keep that title as I watch more films from then. But as far as it being the most enjoyable experience I had seeing a movie in the theatre? Oh it’s hands down my favorite. I’ve been dragged to a lot of shit movies recently, and I want to say that’s more a symptom of the times than anything else. Lots of terrible acting, shit writing, and uninspired, though competent and extremely expensive, directing and computer effects. Lots of money on the screen and lots of me not able to care. But with Much Ado About Nothing, there was something different – finally. Here was a movie filmed in black and white on the cheap, based on a Shakespeare play, not starring any big name actors, and that had more energy and artistic chutzpah than I’d seen for a long while. Continue Reading