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Greetings everyone, Happy Spring! Winter’s over, we made it! So it’s Easter season, and along with cramming my face with lots of Reese’s eggs, I’ve been spending this time of year thinking about my favorite religious movies, yeah I know I’m lame. But there’s a reason: in my opinion, the absolute best* movie about Jesus is also the one that gets almost universally panned by the very people who would love it. Yes, I’m talking about Martin Scorsese’s 1988 gem The Last Temptation of Christ. A film that’s not so much under the radar as much as it practically broke the radar with its controversy, a controversy it did not deserve, yet is still not surprising in hindsight. If you consider yourself a thoughtful and open-minded Christian, and you took the Catholic Church at it’s word (Which why would you?), then you really should give this movie a chance, and let me share why. Continue Reading