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Greetings everyone, so Avengers 2 dropped this past weekend and the reactions to it have been a little surprising. While the world hyped it up to be the second coming of Robot Jesus, the end result was a bit more flawed. Is it still worth your time despite this? Well Mike and I sat down to have a chat about just that. What follows is a transcription of our correspondence. It’s like a podcast for your eyes! Brace yourself guys, this is a long one. Also beware some minor spoilers.


Zach: So Avengers? I’m curious to hear what you think, since I believe I might have a contrarian opinion on it. Not that I didn’t like, I actually liked it a lot, but I also had issues with it, and it’s kinda fascinating to me that I liked it despite all that. Especially considering our completely different backgrounds coming into this, as I have no prior Avengers knowledge, other than what I’ve seen from the first movie, and a couple of the other Marvel movies, whereas you’re coming from the background of much more known Marvel lore. So what did you think about Age of Ultron?

Mike: I think we might be a bit on the same page. I thought it had some pretty severe structural and storytelling issues, but much like the first one remained extremely entertaining in spite of all that. Probably mostly due to all that great casting work that’s been happening for the past decade.

I think, Loki aside, Marvel movies still have a problem, their biggest problem actually, with creating deep and interesting villains. I would posit that if it weren’t for James Spader’s really solid voice work, Ultron would be just another boring robot villain. Also, why is it necessary for him to make a slightly bigger yet mostly indistinguishable new body before the climax of the movie?

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Happy Wednesday folks!

I’m a huge fan of this movie so I was super excited when Zach picked it to watch and talk about. I think everybody pulls something different from this movie when they watch it and it’s always an interesting conversation discovering what it means to different people at different times of their life.

ZachnOttoIf you’d like to watch along with us, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind is available on iTunes, Amazon, and Google Play.