The Age of Ultron trailer leaked so Marvel just said “screw it” and released the official trailer. A good call on their part. There’s a lot to chew on between the first good looks at Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch, Ultron himself, and that Hulkbuster armor that everybody is so jazzed about.

I’m pretty excited but I hope this one avoids the dreaded bloat that so many sequels, and especially the current crop of comic book movie sequels, succumb to. From the looks of the trailer a lot has to be accomplished; introduce Ultron, turn him bad, introduce Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver, turn them bad and then possibly redeem them, Hulk goes on a rampage causing Iron Man to reveal his heretofore unseen Hulk-goes-on-a-rampage contingency. And that’s┬ánot even mentioning the still unseen (in motion anyways) Vision.

But hey. In Joss we trust, right?

Oh, and here’s the poster in case you’re interested in that sort of thing.




This site didn’t exist when Star Wars Uncut was released back in January of 2012. Luckily I can gladly present The Empire Strikes Back Uncut. It was released this past Friday and it is certainly just as fun and ambitious as the original.

For those not in the know, the Star Wars Uncut project recreates Star Wars, and now Empire as well, with 15 second long fan made scenes and then stitches them all together to form a single film.

Here’s the trailer to better explain for me.

And if you have 2 hours to spare, here’s the entire film:


I can imagine few things as awkward and uncomfortable as filming a sex scene. Two (or more) actors are naked in a room surrounded by people yelling things at them and filming it all.

This (NSFW) B-roll footage from Stretch gives us a short peek into what a set is like during a sex scene.

Luckily Joe Carnahan seems to make sure energy stays high and all involved are having a good time. Or as good a time as one can at least.

Stretch drops today on iTunes and Amazon.


Gone Girl is released today.

David Fincher is my favorite director working right now and his films are definitely event movies for me. Fincher has a reputation of being a perfectionist, reportedly going north of fifty takes to get the shot he wants. On the Fight Club commentary he admitted to having a stuntman (wearing a bathrobe and no padding by the way) throw himself down a flight of stairs seventeen times only to use the first take.

This is certainly an extreme and, presumably, very difficult way to work. But when it leads to cinema like this breakdown describes, it all seems worth it.