Maurice Hayes taught me about “geeking out” on a movie.

You might call it something different but I think it’s something every movie nerd does. You find a movie, preferably old and bad, but not necessarily. And you gather a bunch of your friends together to watch it while you make fun of it. You’re basically¬†creating your own Mystery Science Theater 3000 in your living room. But with references and inside jokes that you and your buddies all understand and build off of.

You might call it something different. Mo called it geeking out.

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So last night, delightful girlfriend and myself watched our respective favorite bad movies, and it’s probably no surprise to anyone that mine is Troll 2, as it is for many people out there (tied with The Room I’d imagine). Hell, there’s such a cult following around this movie that there’s even a documentary about it, but for as much talk as there is for Troll 2, not much is ever said about the original Troll 1. Out of curiosity we decided to watch it. I always assumed it was another inept low budget schlocky horror flick, (Not as inept as Troll 2 obviously), but wow was I completely surprised. Troll is a great movie, absolutely great, and I’m going to share some reasons why I think so, but out of traditional obligation I have to ask: Have you seen Troll? Continue Reading

I’m very much looking forward to Tomorrowland. Judging by this recently dropped teaser, the next film from Brad Bird (The Iron Giant, The Incredibles) looks to be a bright, fun, and entertaining movie. I’d say it might be somewhat reminiscent of the 80’s era Amblin pictures. Which is always a good thing in my book.

Tomorrowland will be released on May 22nd, 2015.