I don’t live in LA. I really, probably don’t want to live in LA. However, the Jason Reitman live read series makes me wish I could teleport there for one night every couple of months.

The Empire Strikes Back was the most recent and /Film did a bang up job of covering it. Unfortunately these are never recorded so this is the closest any of us can get to experiencing one.


I can imagine few things as awkward and uncomfortable as filming a sex scene. Two (or more) actors are naked in a room surrounded by people yelling things at them and filming it all.

This (NSFW) B-roll footage from Stretch gives us a short peek into what a set is like during a sex scene.

Luckily Joe Carnahan seems to make sure energy stays high and all involved are having a good time. Or as good a time as one can at least.

Stretch drops today on iTunes and Amazon.