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So last night, delightful girlfriend and myself watched our respective favorite bad movies, and it’s probably no surprise to anyone that mine is Troll 2, as it is for many people out there (tied with The Room I’d imagine). Hell, there’s such a cult following around this movie that there’s even a documentary about it, but for as much talk as there is for Troll 2, not much is ever said about the original Troll 1. Out of curiosity we decided to watch it. I always assumed it was another inept low budget schlocky horror flick, (Not as inept as Troll 2 obviously), but wow was I completely surprised. Troll is a great movie, absolutely great, and I’m going to share some reasons why I think so, but out of traditional obligation I have to ask: Have you seen Troll? Continue Reading

Greetings everyone, so Avengers 2 dropped this past weekend and the reactions to it have been a little surprising. While the world hyped it up to be the second coming of Robot Jesus, the end result was a bit more flawed. Is it still worth your time despite this? Well Mike and I sat down to have a chat about just that. What follows is a transcription of our correspondence. It’s like a podcast for your eyes! Brace yourself guys, this is a long one. Also beware some minor spoilers.


Zach: So Avengers? I’m curious to hear what you think, since I believe I might have a contrarian opinion on it. Not that I didn’t like, I actually liked it a lot, but I also had issues with it, and it’s kinda fascinating to me that I liked it despite all that. Especially considering our completely different backgrounds coming into this, as I have no prior Avengers knowledge, other than what I’ve seen from the first movie, and a couple of the other Marvel movies, whereas you’re coming from the background of much more known Marvel lore. So what did you think about Age of Ultron?

Mike: I think we might be a bit on the same page. I thought it had some pretty severe structural and storytelling issues, but much like the first one remained extremely entertaining in spite of all that. Probably mostly due to all that great casting work that’s been happening for the past decade.

I think, Loki aside, Marvel movies still have a problem, their biggest problem actually, with creating deep and interesting villains. I would posit that if it weren’t for James Spader’s really solid voice work, Ultron would be just another boring robot villain. Also, why is it necessary for him to make a slightly bigger yet mostly indistinguishable new body before the climax of the movie?

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Greetings everyone, Happy Spring! Winter’s over, we made it! So it’s Easter season, and along with cramming my face with lots of Reese’s eggs, I’ve been spending this time of year thinking about my favorite religious movies, yeah I know I’m lame. But there’s a reason: in my opinion, the absolute best* movie about Jesus is also the one that gets almost universally panned by the very people who would love it. Yes, I’m talking about Martin Scorsese’s 1988 gem The Last Temptation of Christ. A film that’s not so much under the radar as much as it practically broke the radar with its controversy, a controversy it did not deserve, yet is still not surprising in hindsight. If you consider yourself a thoughtful and open-minded Christian, and you took the Catholic Church at it’s word (Which why would you?), then you really should give this movie a chance, and let me share why. Continue Reading


With Valentines Day approaching I got to thinking about what my favorite romantic movies are, and I came to an odd realization. I could easily name my favorite romantic comedy: When Harry Met Sally obviously, and my favorite downer breakup movie: Eternal Sunshine, but what about a movie that’s just romantic? I found that most often a movie that’s romantic and about a couple falling in love tends to employ the romantic comedy genre, and I guess that makes sense, people want to laugh and smile at the prospect of early love, how could a movie about the honeymoon stage of a relationship not be cheerful? With that mulling over in mind I was reminded of one of my favorite movies, one that truly embraces the silliness of falling in love, and one you’ve surely not heard of (Unless I’ve made you watch it). So, I ask: have you seen Im Juli? Continue Reading


I might be 21 days late with this, but happy new year everyone. Yeah okay, so I’ve been a little lax with the writing this year, what can I say? It’s January, and so far 2015 is shaping up to be one of my best years ever. That’s another way of saying that I’ve been having way too much fun. What fun you ask? Well, I saw Birdman over the weekend and I hate to succumb to the hype train, but I was impressed. So impressed I felt the need to share why, because there’s a lot there. (I also feel the need to give a quick warning here: I don’t feel like I spoil the plot at all, but if you were wanting to go into this movie blind, I do detail a bit of the technical accomplishment of the film, which you may want to discover yourself. Also fair warning: Arty farty bullshit is on full display below). Continue Reading