3 comments on “Episode 7 – Where the Wild Things Are

  1. Hi, big feelings ahead. Sorry…

    I had to go through my parents divorce at 9, stayed with my mom, an alcoholic step-father came along, two younger brothers happened, family was as bad as it could be, and I was from 9 to 19 trying to fix it. Then I gave up and left, toughest decision of my life, and I lived by myself for 5 years. Then my mother and brothers left the step-father, and joined me. Then the step-father quit the alcohol, and tried to be a better father for my brothers.

    By giving up on helping everyone, and by helping myself, I ended up helping everyone help themselves. I don’t feel anything about that, I wish I could feel pride, I really do. I also wish I had a movie like this one to help me deal with it.

    But I’m really glad to know that this movie is being taken seriously, as study material and all. I’ve been obsessing about it for two weeks now. I may be healing. The thought that only I have been through this is crippling.

    Okay, putting on my wolf pajamas again. Thanks for the podcast, I really liked it.

    • Firstly, thanks so much for sharing your story. It means a lot whenever anybody leaves feedback and something so personal is especially amazing to me.

      I totally understand what you mean about helping everyone by helping yourself. When my Mother was sick there came a time, after several years, where I was just physically and emotionally unable to help her. It was a tough decision to pull back and one I still feel guilt over to this day. But having that time where I didn’t have to be a primary caregiver helped me grow and straighten everything out in my brain so I was able to be there for her in her last couple of years.

      I’m super glad you enjoyed the podcast and I hope you’ll keep listening.


      • Thank you for sharing your words as well. It’s really nice to talk about these things, I feel really cozy now, like in a hug pile or something.

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