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Merry Christmas all you lovely podcast listeners. I hope the holidays are treating you all well. I am very glad to present this extra special Christmas themed episode, featuring It’s A Wonderful Life. Zach and Emily have greatly differing opinions on the validity of this movie as a Christmas classic. Early on in the life of the podcast the three of us got into a discussion about this one and I figured it would make a great episode. I hope everybody enjoys and has a wonderful holiday season.

ZachnEmilynOttoIf you’d like to watch along with us, It’s A Wonderful Life is available on iTunes, Amazon, and Google Play.



Greetings all, Christmas is upon us. The air is rife with the joys of commercialism and the false sentimentality of a holiday. Gather around, bringeth your nog, and your cookies, and your various puddings because I have a tale to tell. You see, there’s this great Christmas movie that you may not have ever heard of. I’m comfortable in saying that it’s probably the best Christmas movie ever made. So yeah the Griswalds are nice, and the bb gun nut in the 50s is great and all, but seriously, have you seen Joyeux Noël? Continue Reading


Welcome to a new recurring feature where I highlight a lesser known, hard to find, or just generally overlooked film. In this case the 2014 comedy-drama The Skeleton Twins. I was greatly looking forward to this movie during the press cycle but unfortunately it was a limited release and therefore did not run in my area, and presumably many others.

Craig Johnson wrote and directed this film about an estranged brother and sister who are both on the verge of suicide and must work together to rebuild their relationship. Kristin Wiig and Bill Hader are absolutely perfect as the titular twins. Comedians often make wonderful dramatic actors and this is no exception. Their long history working together on SNL coupled with their impeccable comedic timing makes their relationship the strongest and most believable in the entire film. And it has to be. This is a movie that could come off as overly saccharine or cloying but Wiig and Hader keep things incredibly grounded and believable while still managing to show off their significant comedic chops in a few scenes (one of which is unfortunately spoiled by the trailer). Luke Wilson and Ty Burrell also have very good turns as Maggie’s husband and Milo’s former lover respectively. The Skeleton Twins is all about Maggie and Milo but the supporting cast does a wonderful job of inhabiting their world and helping to inform us how and why they have become so damaged and dysfunctional.

The movie is very brisk and tightly paced at 93 minutes but never feels rushed. Oft times I find dramas tend to be over long or paced in such a way that they feel longer than they really are. The Skeleton Twins does not suffer this problem. When the credits rolled I actually found myself wishing we had spent just a bit more time living with these characters. I think wanting a movie to be longer is a pretty solid sign of a movie worth watching.



I don’t live in LA. I really, probably don’t want to live in LA. However, the Jason Reitman live read series makes me wish I could teleport there for one night every couple of months.

The Empire Strikes Back was the most recent and /Film did a bang up job of covering it. Unfortunately these are never recorded so this is the closest any of us can get to experiencing one.


Hello all, my first episode is up today, woo! In honor of this momentous occasion I thought I would share a bit of my weekend experience with you. This past weekend, delightful girlfriend and I watched all four of the Tremors movies. How did she talk me into doing this you ask? Well she can be pretty convincing. I quite like the original and remember watching some of the sequels and also remember them being awful. Do my memories of these movies still stand? Or was I pleasantly surprised by some of them. Well I decided I’d share some of my thoughts with you on this future holiday. Continue Reading