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Reverend Billy, Buy Nothing Day NYC 2005

During my first year of grad school I shared an office with a group of Indian students, and when Thanksgiving break rolled around we got to talking about it, and to my upmost pleasure I learned that they thought Thanksgiving was actually an American celebration of Black Friday – where people get off work and eat a big meal to prepare for all the shopping they’ll do. From their two-ish year perspective they had made a completely logical conclusion from all the data they had received – completely logical but one many Americans might refute. I loved the thought of them skyping home to tell their families in hushed voices about this brave new world of consumption and corporatocracy – where the people have a feast to celebrate and prepare for days of hedonistic spending. I of course tried to set the record straight, “Oh no, Thanksgiving is really a holiday about – actually no you’re right.” It’s in this spirit of an outsider’s totally not false perception, in honor of Black Friday, that I continue our indie recommendations by asking: Have you seen What Would Jesus Buy? Continue Reading


Greetings everyone. The number of mainstream movies I haven’t seen would probably shock you. Friends and acquaintances constantly gasp “What?! You haven’t seen such and such big summer movie that everyone loves and is awesome?” Yeah, s’pose not. But for every big movie I haven’t seen there are lots of little indie films I’ve watched. You can call me an unrepentant hipster if you like, go ahead, but for some reason I find lower budgets, unique ideas, and smaller executions far more compelling than expensive CGI things fighting each other. It’s just the way I am. So in that spirit I’ve decided to start sharing some of the more obscure films you may not of heard of, or missed in the shuffle of huge budget over exposure. These are simply movies that I’ve found compelling in some way that sit comfortably beneath the radar, and perhaps through my recommendation you might find a few new unexpected favorites. So to start I’ll ask: Have you seen Primer? Continue Reading


If not, then I think you should. Horns is a fun little horror comedy directed by Alexandre Aja starring England’s own grown up wizard Daniel Radcliffe. I didn’t really know what to expect when going into this one, but actually left the theatre pleasantly surprised. While this movie wont be winning any oscars, if you haven’t gotten your Dia De Los Muertos fix yet then I think you should give Horns a shot. As it’s much better than your other option. Here, let me tell you why… Continue Reading


Hi there, do you have a passing fascination with Dia de los Muertos? Is Grim Fandango one of your favorite games perhaps? If, like me, you love a well done animated film and you’ve been eyeing The Book of Life due to its bright colors, unique art style, and the Guillermo Del Toro name dropping, then I’m here to tell you not to bother. Seriously, just don’t.

I haven’t been this disappointed in a movie since I walked into The Forbidden Kingdom thinking it was a Crouching Tiger style wuxia film. Have you ever known that a movie is really going to suck from the very first scene, and you’ve made a terrible mistake in buying your ticket? Yeah that’s The Book of Life. It starts with a bunch of forgettable kids getting off of a bus to take a museum tour, and by tour I mean they are snuck into the Mexico room where they are told a story from the Book of Life. So, not off to a great start, but salvageable, unfortunately it just starts to devolve from here. Continue Reading

Bale Out







THR reports that Christian Bale has stepped down from the lead role in the Danny Boyle helmed Steve Jobs biopic, written by Aaron Sorkin.

Sources say Bale, after much deliberation and conflicting feelings, came to the conclusion he was not right for the part and decided to withdraw.

While Bale’s exit is probably a blow to the film, you have to respect the guy for taking a long look at it, realizing he wasn’t right, and hitting the eject button at the beginning of the process before the process got too far along. It’s something I wish actors would do more often. There’s such a drive among studios, performers, etc. to create a “personal brand” that people seem reticent to say no to things as often as they probably should.

No doubt Bale will find another great project to work on and you have to to imagine with Boyle and Sorkin on board a new Steve Jobs will be found soon enough.

Dumb alternate titles for this article: iQuit, Steve Job(less)